“As the Founder and CEO of Lavu I was approached by a number of private equity and investment firms. However, Aldrich stood out from the beginning. The difference maker was its people. Their managing partner, Mirza Baig, is a serial entrepreneur himself and knows what it means to run a business like mine. He took the time to both understand the business and our team. From my earliest interactions it was clear that Aldrich would be that rare, true value-add partner that would drive the business to achieve its full potential and accelerate Lavu’s growth beyond financing. I continue to be impressed both by their experience in growing businesses and their large network of experts that are helping us meet our goals.”

Andy Lim,
CEO, Lavu

Brian Hall

“As our business was rapidly growing, our operations were being stretched to meet customer needs. Both Mirza and Raz got involved in helping us to build out our revenue cycle function, service delivery infrastructure and putting in place a world-class finance operation. Its what distinguishes them from other investors — they aren’t just passive Board members, they understand business processes intimately and deliver tangible operational results through an active partnership with management.”

Brian Hall,
President, Imaging Advantage


“We decided to work with Raz since he truly shared our vision and encouraged us to build for the future. He brought a unique set of resources & experiences to InfusionSoft, from his relationships with potential channel partners in the Silicon Valley ecosystem, through to introducing us to technology & sales experts at some of the world’s leading technology companies. Above all, he has always been 100% behind the InfusionSoft team and helped us successfully scale our business.”

Clate Mask,
Co-Founder & CEO, InfusionSoft, Inc.


“Often times entrepreneurs miss out on one of the biggest values an investor or an advisor can bring – deep operational experience from high growth, high stakes, and high velocity companies. This often from a point of view that exposes bigger opportunities or weaknesses that can help shape or change the trajectory of the company.”

Jim O’Neil,
Chief People Officer, HubSpot​​


“We worked very closely with Raz during the formative stages of Imaging Advantage (“IA”) when we were rapidly scaling our business. He was instrumental in helping elevate IA from a niche services company to becoming the largest and fastest growing “cloud-services” platform in our $20B sector. Raz was hands-on in our growth efforts, from helping us find and undertake acquisitions, to negotiating contracts with large hospital systems, and attracting and recruiting executive talent. As an entrepreneur, you look for partners you can trust to help with the biggest decisions you face, and who can affect revenue and earnings growth.”

Naseer Hashim,
CEO and Co-Founder, Imaging Advantage​


“At TrialCard, we had built a profitable growing company that was owned and run by the Founders. Although we didn’t need capital, we recognized that we would benefit from operational expertise & industry relationships to help take our business to the next level. We decided to work with Raz since he had the right mix of commercial nous and operating acumen. Raz’s hands-on & patient approach enabled us to successfully scale our sales model, expand our product offerings and build a streamlined customer support function. His ongoing advice and insights were invaluable in helping us achieve a successful outcome for TrialCard – without doubt, I’d love to partner with him again in my next venture !”

David Cunningham,
Founder & CEO, TrialCard, Inc


“For a founder-run business like PhishMe, the team at Aldrich Capital have been great partners. Given that the Principals of ACP are former CEOs & entrepreneurs themselves, the advice they share is all the more impactful, since they’ve been “in our shoes” and understand what it means to run a company. I’ve been able to build a Company with their support, knowing that they are fully committed to our success. Its that trust and sincere counsel that matters most.”

Rohyt Belani,
CEO, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, PhishMe


“..As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly faced with scenarios which you have not encountered before…having an experienced advisor such as Raz who provided us guidance on key decisions was invaluable….when choosing an investor, what really matters is having a partner with a deep set of operating insights and tangible company-building know-how …..in my eyes, these are the most important traits of any investor worth their salt…”

David Gorodyansky,
CEO & Co-Founder, Anchor Free, I​nc.


“Raz was an active “hands-on” advisor to the founding team, as we grew ATS into the leading provider of traffic safety, mobility & compliance solutions in North America. His insights were instrumental in helping us complete multiple acquisitions, advising us on how to expand our product footprint, and helping craft & negotiate a critical strategic partnership. As an entrepreneur himself, Raz was able to see the world through our eyes and his pragmatic commercial advice helped us successfully scale the business.”

Adam Tuton,
Co-Founder & EVP, American Traffic Solutions, Inc.​​


“In helping us build CambridgeSoft, Raz helped us look ahead to anticipate potential opportunities and “roadblocks”- his advice was invaluable in helping us create a franchise-defining business. Raz’s network of relationships and strategic counsel was invaluable in helping us attain a highly successful outcome in the sale of CambridgeSoft. When faced with the biggest event in our company’s history, we knew we had the savviest adviser on our side – its an intangible but something you don’t compromise on.”

Michael G. Tomasic,
President and CEO, CambridgeSoft Corporation


“I have worked with the partners at Aldrich in multiple businesses and they have helped accelerate growth & profitability of each business by getting customers, hiring talented executives and building the right channel partnerships – PE firms talk about value-add, these guys consistently deliver.”

Aqil Chishty,
CEO, Medical Diagnostic Imaging Group, LTD​​


“The hardest part of building a company are the unknown unknowns…capital alone can’t address these challenges, …only by having experienced advisors around you can these unknowns become known…”

S P Kothari,
Deputy Dean & Gordon Y Billard Professor of Management,
MIT Sloan School of Management