Founded by entrepreneurs,


Our Background

Aldrich Capital Partners was formed by experienced investors & operators who started as entrepreneurs themselves. The firm was launched with the philosophy of “being the entrepreneurs behind the entrepreneur,” helping founder-run companies attain their growth objectives by tapping into the resources, knowledgebase & network of relationships of the ACP organization, a team that has been responsible for over $1B in technology investments over several decades.

What We Value

Our approach is about more than just capital. At its core, it is a collaborative, long-lasting partnership rooted in trust. Entrepreneurs continuously engage directly with the owners of ACP; we are not passive investors. We invest capital in companies and teams that have a proven track record of growth, but more importantly, are a good match for the domain-specific resources we offer.

How We Partner

We are operationally active investors. We only make a handful of investments per year to ensure that each of our companies has access to the appropriate time and resources to ensure that they reach their growth objectives. Businesses we invest in are already capital efficient and have numerous options in terms of access to capital. They choose us because of our entrepreneurial approach to scaling our companies.

Our Sector Expertise.

Capital provision is not distinctive in itself; what sets us apart is our background, our values, and our approach to collaboration. We forge enduring partnerships with accomplished management teams, empowering them to surpass their own limitations and achieve unprecedented levels of success.

Our Principals have historically been active Board members and advisors to a broad range of of software companies that they helped rapidly scale — these have ranged from software firms developing vertical-specific software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) solutions for industry workflow automation, through to horizontal cloud-based services companies serving both IT and business buyers. We have extensive expertise of investing in both SaaS and On-Premise based software companies, and through our broad network of relationships in Silicon Valley and the broader US, we have an extensive rolodex of relationships, subject matter experts and operating advisors who help our portfolio.
Healthcare IT and Clinical Services
Principals of Aldrich Capital Partners have served on the Boards of industry-leading healthcare IT firms providing technology-driven solutions for stakeholders in the healthcare system. We have expertise in helping companies navigate the industry & regulatory landscape, negotiate partnerships with strategic channel partners and hire management for key roles. Our network of relationships covers players across the industry landscape, including the leading national Payors, Providers, franchise HCIT companies and many other stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.
Outsourcing of knowledge processes, business services and financial technologies (including Payments), both domestically and offshore, has proven a fertile investment ground for ACP. Our Partners have been involved with multiple companies in the Business Services and FinTech arena. We have experience working with companies that automate workflows in sub-sectors such as market data and content management, providing BPO solutions for scientific and engineering research to the legal industry, and introducing vertical cloud-services for manual processes. ACP focuses on investing in high value-add services and BPO models that possess inherent scale economies and attractive profit margins.

Investment Criteria.

We look for entrepreneurs that have built great companies that are growth-oriented and have achieved scale in a capital efficient way.

See Our Approach
Ambitious and Committed Management Teams
Revenue $5MM+
Target Industry Sectors of Software, Healthcare-IT, FinTech and Tech-enabled Services
Growing, fundamentally sound and economically viable business models
Possess Proprietary solutions or software
Entrepreneurs who want to leverage our resource-base for their benefit
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