Aldrich Capital Partners’ Annual Technology Summit Connects Portfolio Companies’​ Leaders to Exchange Expertise

March 20, 2023

Two days, 20 product and engineering executives, more than a dozen content-rich sessions and many amazing conversations and connections.

On March 8th and 9th, Aldrich Capital Partners (“ACP”) hosted its Annual Technology Summit in Washington D.C., which brought together a group of Product and Engineering Executives from ACP portfolio companies across the country. As a sector-focused growth equity firm, we invest in a portfolio of category-leading software and healthcare businesses that share a high degree of commonality in terms of product & technology. The Summit provided a venue for our companies’ technology leadership to come together and exchange their expertise in common focus areas.

The Summit is tailored to the specific needs of our portfolio with varied topics that account for the different stages of growth and strategic approach in each organization. This may include driving SaaS product expansion, optimizing tech-enabled services, innovating in large enterprise environments, and driving SMB growth by leveraging technology. In working sessions led by experienced practitioners, each leader was able to address both their challenges & opportunities by leveraging strategic & tactical guidance and building strong cross-portfolio relationships.

Among the topics covered were:

  • Leveraging Generative AI
  • Shifting from Service-Only to Product / Service Hybrid Models
  • Investing in Offshore Product & Engineering Teams
  • Measuring Product Investment ROI
  • Technical Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategies
  • Modern EMR Integrations

The Summit underpins Aldrich’s commitment to its industry leaders and our ethos of being an active hands-on partner to our companies. Executives came away from the event highly energized by new relationships and candid discussions. We’ve found that these types of events lead to interactions that take place well beyond the Summit, and our executives are eager to help each other apply their best practice learnings in their everyday technology operations.

All of our leaders have a strong commitment to helping customers & solving critical challenges in their respective industries and we take pride in the sense of common purpose and value in shared learning amongst our leaders. The event underscored our good fortune in being able to work with this amazing group of companies and leaders. Special thanks to Norman Crandall, Meredith Bunker, John Truchel, Nicholas C Wheeler, Anuj Sreekanth, John-Patrick Di Cosola, Annu C Singh, Lula J., Alex George, Uday Subbarayan, Sean Ways, Anurag Sinha, Heath Oderman, Craig Baldassare, Thomas Connors, Patrick Sheridan, Alberto Silveira, Mishka M., Mirza Baig, Bobby Tahir, Raheel (Raz) Zia