Aldrich Capital Partners’ New Brand

October 12, 2023

At Aldrich Capital Partners, we have assembled a team of people who are passionate about the entrepreneurial journey. We walk alongside our founders and managers through the highs and lows of their voyages to build enduring companies. In essence, Aldrich was established to deliver the attributes and characteristics that entrepreneurs and CEOs want from their partner: pragmatic, experienced, resourceful and committed to fostering an authentic relationship for the long-term.

In an effort to better represent our active engagement with, and commitment to, our companies, we are excited to reveal ACP’s new brand.

As growth investors, it is not our job to build great companies; our job is to discover the management teams who have already built great companies, develop long-lasting partnerships and enable them to achieve more than they ever could by themselves. We are the “entrepreneurs behind the entrepreneur.”

Through the active colors of blue & green, our new brand encapsulates the ethos of ACP working side by side with our entrepreneurs & executives, scaling businesses up and to the right, supporting our companies as they strive to attain their full potential.