Aldrich Capital Partners Webinar on AI-Driven Value Creation

July 13, 2023

We have exciting news from the team at Aldrich! We’ve just concluded an engaging and insightful webinar on Artificial Intelligence (AI) — a domain that continues to transform the face of the global economy.

On June 29th, Aldrich Capital Partners (”ACP”) and our panel of CTOs from the portfolio, joined with partners at EY to host a webinar on AI-driven value creation. The session provided a detailed overview of how AI can reshape industries such as Health Care, Low Code / Process Automation, Education, Financial Services and beyond. The session unveiled the potentially revolutionary impact of AI, as well as the practical aspects of how leaders & organizations can leverage this technology to create significant business value.

Among the topics covered were:

  • The Emergence of AI & Recent Developments with ChatGPT
  • Industry Implications of AI to Health Care, Low Code/Process Automation & More
  • AI in Practice at Aldrich Portfolio Companies
  • Challenges of AI Adoption in the Enterprise
  • Future Trends & Opportunities in AI

The AI Webinar highlighted practical use cases & implementations of AI in the Aldrich portfolio. This included areas such as Large Language Models (LLMs) applied to Process Automation platforms, Machine Learning implemented in Remote Patient Monitoring products and AI CoPilots used within Product & Engineering Teams to drive greater velocity and quality.

We also dove deep into the challenges of AI Adoption, as well as the various strategies and approaches to mitigating the risk with deploying new technologies as significant as AI in the Enterprise.

The panel also covered topics such as building teams with strong AI skill-sets, future trends in AI, and leveraging commercially available AI solutions such as ChatGPT.

We extend our thanks & recognition to our portfolio Product & Engineering leaders who joined our CTO, Bobby Tahir on the panel: Thomas Connors from Compliancy Group, Alex George from ProcessMaker and Lula Jensen from Rhythm Management Group. And we offer our appreciation to Shawn Kimmel our partner at EY for providing cross-industry AI expertise as well as ACP Senior Analyst Bridget Flood for participating.

Finally, thanks to everyone who attended the session and contributed to the engaging discussion. For those who missed it, we’ve included a link to the recording noted below.

Click here to watch the webinar