Lavu Gives Employees A Stake In The Company

April 12, 2019

Lavu Gives Employees A Stake In The Company

Lavu, an industry leader in restaurant management technology platforms, announced its implementation of an employee stock option plan to grant stock options to its growing workforce.

In announcing the stock option plan to staff, Saleem S. Khatri, CEO of Lavu, noted that “Lavu is at an inflection point and this is a great time for the company to thank those employees who have helped us get to where we are today. Our Lavuers have built and shaped this company into what it is – a rocket ship.”

Lavu’s continued growth in the restaurant management technology space has resulted in a steady expansion of its workforce in Lavu’s Albuquerque, New Mexico headquarters as well as its offices in Miami, Florida and Hyderabad, India. All qualified U.S.-based employees will be offered an opportunity to participate in Lavu’s employee stock option plan.

For many start-ups that see rapid growth, the retention of valuable employees is a defining element of success. Lavu’s decision to allow employees to obtain equity in the company will deepen the already strong commitment that Lavuers have to the company.

“Lavu is a great example of a local company fostering growth for their employees. The value for local workers and the strength of the local economy when homegrown companies grow and succeed is so important for Albuquerque—it’s a focus of our economic development strategy,” stated Mayor Tim Keller.
Albuquerque’s job market is growing as is its tech scene. Lavu was founded in Albuquerque in 2010, and its decision to retain and expand its headquarters in New Mexico sends a strong message to other technology start-ups about the attractiveness of Albuquerque. Lavu is located in the heart of downtown Albuquerque, where an influx of jobs and funding are rejuvenating the area.


Lavu is the world’s leading mobile point-of-sale system for restaurants and bars. Used in food service establishments in more than 90 countries, Lavu is a full-featured iPad-based POS system. Lavu was the first iPad point of sale in the Apple App Store and continues to offer the latest in features and functionalities. Offering flexible payment-processing solutions, an intuitive interface, and a proprietary business management suite, Lavu’s restaurant management platform is ideal for all food and drink establishments.

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