Woundtech’s New Vice President of Operations

September 4, 2019

Woundtech, a leader in the wound-care industry, today welcomed Alexandra “Alex” Helfan aboard as the new Vice President of Operations. Helfan has an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a BAS in Psychology from the University of Minnesota. In her new role, she will oversee and streamline all internal operations, budgeting and the implementation of new protocols to promote efficiency.

“We are excited that Alex is joining our Woundtech team,” said Andrea Forino, Woundtech’s Vice President of Human Relations. “She brings a blend of operational expertise and employee focus to Woundtech and we are confident that she will be invaluable in helping us foster our core values.”

Alex said that her goals are to continue to deliver high-quality patient care at lower costs by streamlining operations and building a strong and cohesive team environment. She said that Woundtech’s innovative care model – delivering quality care at a lower cost with a focus on improved patient outcomes – is indicative of the shift in healthcare toward value-based care and it was a major draw for her to join the team.

“I was looking to join a rapidly growing, outcomes-focused company that was well-positioned to succeed in the changing healthcare environment and I found that with Woundtech,” she said. “I’m excited about the unique opportunity to build on the current infrastructure and successes in operations while scaling for future growth.”

Part of Helfan’s plans for Woundtech’s continued success is to focus on team building and setting the stage for future growth.

“Hypergrowth can be an exciting time, but to be best prepared to maintain the successes Woundtech has already had I think it’s important to focus on two things. First, building a strong culture that maintains employee engagement to ensure that every employee understands how they can impact patient care,” she said. “Second, finding better and more efficient ways to work through economies of scale to allow for future growth without over-inflating costs.”

About Woundtech: Woundtech is a national wound care company leading the industry in wound healing and provides technology-enabled wound management services through an innovative telehealth platform. Woundtech brings clinical care to the patients, wherever they are, ensuring that anyone, anywhere can get access to world-class wound care. For more information, visit Woundtech online.